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Monday, December 15, 2008
I went 2 college just 2 give support 2 my frenz who was been appointed for a post in Fayette Hse. Am I happy for them? You Betcha!...met most of my frenz and oso Kak Maria, the only lady that i always lean on if i have problem. She's kinda angel in disguise. Hope 2 meet her again next time...hehehe...when i was on my foot 2 college after tapawing breakfast, i found out that Public Speaking presentation start for more than 1 hr....sheesshh...i went str8 2 6th flr and catch 10 mins b4 1st group's presentation done. Aduuhhhh......


the installment of the new Fayette member start approx. 12pm as the UIU delegates come 2 ever-noisy cafe in 1st flr. The aunty still dunno when 2 shout as i think she's too deaf 2 hear..f**k...move on, after a few speeches by ppl who suppose 2 talk, the event start wit the recognition cert to the old Fayette by Dr. Alan Walker, President of UIU. then, the old fayette received a blazer by the new Fayette as it symbolize the transition from old and new. Al the event finish at 2pm. I missed CS...why he din come wit them?? tot of celebrating his bday gatal one...

on saturday, KD n I went to The curve as we are celebrating Tereessa big day wit herdream boy...we have a lunch at Marche, a good place 2 celebrate party. Mel become mamarazzi when she borrowed Ritha's and my camera 2 take pix. She also told me that DONT post the pix in facebook, myspace or friendster. she told me her agenda and i agree wit it. hehe..sorry Tereessa. but i dun want 2 let u guyz down, i juz can show u this pix.


Me & the girls were looking around
before Tereessa arrived

Group photo!

On Sunday, around 3am in the morning, i woke up and upload the pix from Tereessa's big day and a file yet 2 be send 2 Mel. around 6.30am, i start my journey 2 Prince Hotel. A nice place wit a nice PRICE! hahhaa...i juz came 2 help the student if they have difficulties. but i start my day wit the wrong leg. I was so honored 2 meet Tiru when i slip and fell...ouchh...not a good way 2 start ur day....MALU TAHAP KAMBING!...but life's goes on....

Me with the other student helpers


the event started around 10 wit Dean's list and AEA...erm...nothing much...only something happen 2 my frenz which i think it's quite rude and as a person who in-charge on teaching skill of communication and psychology (i bagi hint paling terang dalam dunia), they shud ask them in polite way...f**k laaa....teman ritha n her boi 2 lunch at my sis told me, pavillion is not a place for a cikai2 ppl 2 come....i can see why...i din take any pix as i din see what's the use of it. Mr. Vijay ask me whether i need a ride back home. told him 2 drop me off 2 any KTM station. 2 my surprise, there were some guyz that i noe Ms. A and Ms. S will cut my throat off....i've been FORTUNATE enuff 2 be in the same car wit 2 "pink" guyz (actually 3 but one of them sit on passenger seat). Before i'm start my journey back, i do some deed by donating blood.


-Adios Amigos-


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