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it just one of many place where i can put all my craps and tell the whole world what happen to me n what am i thinking about life....

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Monday, July 27, 2009
Askum and salam keamanan buat teman2 yg baca blog ni....bukan pe...rasa gile bersalah cuz x update blog...bukan pasal bz ke hape.....line internet di potong atas alasan kitorg x bayar bil...mana nk bayar klu x dpt what sis do was called them and scold them (which she loved it like hell...muahahahhaa)...and voila! a few days after dat, the internet was back on the track...weehoo....for the past few months, i've been hearing too many stories and i accidently hurt one of my best fren's a result, that person started insulting me...which i dun understand why dia cant accept the fact that Dia act as an oppesite sex....tak paham2...

btw, i got 2 besday's present.....and i wud like 2 extend my gratitude 2 these ppl, Mr. Joe McQueen and Mrs. Reena cuz of that present.....i will always be grateful wit what i get....bought sims3 but cant play (deeps#!+), watched HBP but dun really like the way David Yates ends it....lost 2 cats in a month...found a stray kitten a few days after my 1st lost...been pampering NUbhan like hell (my cup of tea...huhhuu)...called my long lost pal....hook up wit sumbody...on the rock wit sumbody...crushed wit HIM....plan 2 call him but never have luck....surfing NoRp wasnt as playful as before...checking my mail was my pasttime hobby...watching OPrah is my priority..etc..etc....

in 2 months, we lost 3 great ppl of all time...Farrah Fawcett, MJ and Yasmin Ahmad.....these ppl (except for Farrah Fawcett that i only knew she was an Angels before) really changed my perception of life...they taught me sumthing that ppl cant b judge by their "black or White"..tak kira laaa kalau diorg tu "Sepet" atau "Rabun"..itu x memberi impact...yang penting..hati mesti baaaeeeeekkkk.....To Mikaeel and Yasmin, May Allah Bless you and to their family, hope you guys will be as tough 2 face this challenge given by the AlMighty.....

Last but not least....AL FATIHAH!

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